Tales from the Dog Side: The Dog Slinger vs. the Wind.

Well, it’s been quite entertaining. I’ve let it settle in for a few days and I’ve come to the conclusion that this thing we’ve put together is gonna be huge.

We had just about gotten everything working at an acceptable level when Mother Nature decided it was her turn to join in the fun that is throwing Mack Dawg’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs curveballs that drop out of the sky.

So far, we’ve been embarrassed and frustrated all to hell, but we’ve pulled through these minor setbacks. However, Mother Nature was brought in from the bullpen and threw us an unbelievable curve ball. She has claimed three umbrellas.

The first was remarkable to witness. I was wiping down the cart and talking to my daughter last Friday while riding out our first really windy day.

When we rebuilt the cart, we installed an umbrella in the middle of the cart. We neglected to install a cotter pin. The umbrella shot out of the cart. I dropped my rag and grabbed the umbrella. Has someone snapped a pic at that moment, I probably would have looked like Mary Poppins ready to take flight.

The shift in momentum from grabbing the umbrella caused it to slam to the ground and snap a rib. Ugh!!!!!

I took the other umbrella from its stand and, stupidly, places in in the same hole, while the cart was in the same spot, while the winds weren’t getting any weaker.

I didn’t catch the second umbrella as it flew out of the cart. It snapped a rib as well. We were done for the day. Apparently, regulations require a cover to keep random things falling from the sky getting in the food.

We bought two brand new umbrellas for Monday. One was purchased two hours before its demise. Yes, we lost a brand new umbrella yesterday. We were not happy.

Thankfully we survived Wednesday without a broken umbrella. Things are looking up. On Thursday, we used our 10 x 10 tent in preparation for a gig we have on Sunday.

We will be providing n Chicago Style Hot Dogs at a benefit on Sunday, September 10th at Soccer World in Springfield. Just come find the awesome cars and bikes on display.

With all the challenges that have arisen, and with the success being greater than the sum of failures, we can only see huge things for Mack Dawg’s. In fact, we have some plans in the works and we have set our sights high.

We did add another item to our menu.

Stay tuned.